Rosalind Jones is a writer, feminist and global thinker with a passion for creativity and liberation theory. She currently works as a personal assistant in Los Angeles. She is a graduate from Occidental College with a degree in Diplomacy and World Affairs (DWA) and a minor in Spanish. She has previously worked for the United Nations Headquarters in New York, the United Nations Development Programme in Costa Rica and the United Nations Population Fund.

Outside of occupation, Rosalind works in the Los Angeles grassroots activism community on projects related to sexual violence prevention, affordable housing, anti-racism, and queer liberation.

In addition to organizing, Rosalind also leads community healing circles for survivor’s of sexual violence. The circles are a space for survivors to share space, find community and explore options related to healing.

In 2019, Rosalind published her first book, a compilation of free verse poetry titled And in the end.

Rosalind seeks to use her voice and the power of language to elevate and celebrate feminism all over the world.